Privacy and policy

The following terms and conditions shall be applied to customers and service providers when using the (Coursy) application & Website (

  • By using COURSY's website and application, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions set forth herein. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to use and utilize the application and the site.
  • We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time, so, your responsibility is to review the contents of this application periodically as we are liable in any way to contact or inform you of any changes made on these terms and Conditions. Your continued use of the COURSY site and application means you agreed to comply with the terms and conditions applicable at the time of using the site and application. As part of our commitment to making the COURSY site and application a place you would like to visit regularly, we welcome all your comments on any of the policies or rules mentioned herein below.
  • By accepting to use of COURSY, you must fully comply fully all terms and conditions set forth for using it as well as all services in connection with this application such as mobile applications and other electronic platforms. The conditions are as follows:
    Opening a COURSY account:


    1. You must use your account in person only as you are allowed to open only one personal account, so you shall never represent other people or use the character of others.
    2. You should book or buy the rendered services seriously in strict compliance with these terms & conditions.
    3. You should book or buy services for your personal use or donation only.
    4. You must be aware that you are solely responsible for management and using your personal account, so you must keep your confidential information such as password and the like carefully. COURSY will not be responsible for any faults resulting from negligence or failure to safekeeping your account's information.
    5. You are solely responsible for anything posted on your COURSY account, mobile apps, and any other services provided by COURSY.
    6. You are completely not permitted to authorize other third party to use your service account, nor sell or transfer its title, and any breach of these conditions entitles us to remove the account and you will lose any privileges or remaining balances in or for it. If, the account is delete, you will not be allowed to create a new account unless we unless you receive an invitation from our part for registration. We may delete your account forever, without prejudice to our right in adopting the necessary legal action to pursue and track any actions resulting from your attempts to use your COURSY account in any illegal manner.
    Your use of the service:
    • You may use all visual or written contents in this application for personal interest but not for any commercial purpose.
    • You avoid from posting or adding any content that:
      1. Infringes the trademarks, patents or any other rights of third parties.
      2. Is considered as harming, exploitative or subversive to any person or other third party. Contains an advertisement or exploit the information of other users of their service or advertising for them using the so-called (group transmission) and disturbances (spamming messages).
      3. Portrays himself as an employee or representative COURSY or pretending to belong to it in anyway.
      4. You must strictly declare that using this application will never result in hacking or dump the service servers provided by COURSY which will prevent the access of the service to the beneficiaries.
      5. You fully declare that you will not be part or a basis for organizing attempts to hack or exploit COURSY technical sources by reverse engineering or reuse of algorithms & embedded software ideas. Furthermore, you must know that you are not entitled to use any of these resources in any re-sale or reuse in any way without obtaining a prior written permission of COURSY. All information you add as part of your COURSY registration is subject to our COURSY Privacy Policy.
    Sales Conditions:
    • The service provides an online market owned by COURSY, which consists of several services, promotions and marketing offers on behalf of service providers by providing services, appointments and presentations in several ways.
    • The service users reserve courses and appointments from service providers in exchange for their access to the services or products displayed in COURSY which are entirely subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.
    • The courses you reserve through COURSY are considered as offers presented by the service providers and displayed on COURSY. These services may be used to obtain a service or product according to their content and details from the designated service provider.
    • The Service Provider shall be solely responsible for providing the required services including all related financial, moral or health damages in any form whatsoever resulting from the Service provided, whether or not such damage are caused from the appointment booked through COURSY application.
    • By using the Service, you fully acknowledge that COURSY and its owners, directors, employees and representatives are not liable for any consequential cancellation by the service provider of any course, appointment, or any service booked through COURSY’s e-service.
    • By booking or attempt to book a course through COURSY apps in whatever way, you fully agree to comply with the terms and conditions of using our services as well as the ownership of the site and COURSY’s e-services.
    • The COURSY is entitled to cancel or delete any membership or names used in registration for the Service.
    • Any content added to the site or COURSY apps, is considered as a COURSY’s property according to its Privacy Policy.
    • COURSY may use any content available on the site and related electronic applications.
    General Terms and Conditions:
    • You must have the legal capacity for contract and dealing.
    • You acknowledge and warrant that you have the right and legally permitted to use the COURSY website and Apps according to the terms and conditions set forth herein.
    • You declare to use the COURSY site and application in strict compliance with the following terms and conditions:
      1. Avoids copying, uploading reproducing, republishing, framing, transmitting or disseminating any of the materials provided the COURSY website and application in any form.
      2. Comply with the rules governing any promotion you may participate in any way through COURSY apps & site.
      3. Undertakes not to do anything that may affect the operation or security of COURSY apps & site or may cause unreasonable disturbance, harm, or obstruct any of other users or employees.
      4. You must not be a competitor to COURSY or offer any similar product to COURSY.
      5. The user and the service provider shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations within the country in which the service is provided.
      6. You agree to provide COURSY with correct and accurate information and to respond to any notifications you may receive from us in connection with the services provided by COURSY to ensure smooth function of work without any impediment.
    • Using COURSY services should not cause any harm, inconvenience or disturbance to anyone else.
    • Safekeeping of all contents and secret numbers used in accessing your account.
    • COURSY may refuse to provide any service or use of application without giving the reasons.
    • In order to access the COURSY site and application, you will need to have an Internet service. So you will solely responsible for any connection, service or charges in connection with access to internet or provision of all necessary equipment to enable you to be connected online (including computer, modem and other devices necessary to access). Due to the limited capacity of all servers as they used by several users at the same time, so you are committed not to use the COURSY site and apps in any manner that would harm or exceed our servers’ capacity or any network connected with any of our servers. You must also refrain from using the COURSY website apps in any manner that, or will or may logically cause to interfere in the use by any other third party of the COURSY website and apps in away violating or is likely to violate any applicable laws, rights or legal entitlements to any other third party in accordance with all applicable laws.
    • You agree to refrain from doing the following (whether you personally or through a third party):
      1. Use of automated process to process, monitor, copy, extract any pages on the Site and the COURSY Application, or any information, content or data contained in or accessed through the COURSY website and apps, without prior written consent from us.
      2. Use of an automated process to aggregate or merge information, content or data contained in or accessed through the COURSY website and application with information, materials or data accessed by, or originating from a third party.
      3. Use any automated process to intervene in or attempt to intervene with the proper functioning of the COURSY site and apps.
      4. Doing any act that would unreasonably impose large or unsuitable load on the available infrastructure or bandwidth of the COURSY site and apps.
      5. Apply any reverse engineering, reverse collection, dissembling, or any other work that would detect a source code or other arithmetical formulas, processors in respect of the software used in the infrastructure and processors related to the COURSY site and apps.
      6. Copying, reproducing, modifying, changing or creating any works, or organizing any public presentation for any part of the content of the COURSY website and apps without prior written consent of us.
    • By using the COURSY website and apps you agree not to post, upload, distribute, store, create, publish or cause to publish in the COURSY website and apps, or through any other website or an electronic application of a third party in any way directly or indirectly any of the following:
      1. Any illegal, defamatory, offensive or invective content insulting to any religious or moral group, infamous, porno, obscene or vulgar content, implying any suggestions, harassment, molestation threatening, infringing the privacy and publishing rights, violent, sensational, fraudulent, or otherwise unacceptable in any way.
      2. Any content that constitutes, encourages, provides instructions for a criminal offense, violation of rights of any third party, or in any way causes legal liability or violating any local, national or international laws, including, but not limited to, the legislations regulating the capital markets in that jurisdiction in which the content was posted.
      3. Any Content causing an inconvenience or harassment of others.
      4. Any content that you do not personally own without a clear permission of the owner of that content.
      5. Any content that may infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights of any party.
      6. Any content that impersonates any natural or legal person or causes any false allegation of that person's natural or legal personal, including us.
      7. Unwanted promotional materials, political campaigns, advertising contests, withdrawals, or making presentations.
      8. Any third party information, including but not limited to, surname, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and credit card numbers.
      9. Viruses, destructing data, other files that cause damage, malfunctions or data destruction.
    • We shall neither bear the responsibility nor accept any content posted, upload, disseminated, distributed, stored, created or published by users in any way or cause it to be published on the COURSY website and Apps through a website or application of a third party.
    • We shall neither be responsible for any content posted, stored or uploaded in the interactive areas by you or by any third party, nor bear any loss or damage resulting therefrom.
    • We not accept any responsibility for any errors, defamation, disparagement, slandering, omission, offense, porno, insults you may encounter while using interactive areas.
    • We shall not bear any responsibility for any wordings, undertakings or content submitted by users in any public forum, personal homepage, or other interactive areas. Although we are not responsible for sorting, editing, or tracking any content posted or distributed through the interactive area, we may, in our sole discretion, remove, disassemble, reject publishing or editing without any prior notice any content posted or stored through COURSY at any time and for any reason. You shall be solely responsible for making backups, replacing the content you posted or saved on the COURSY website and application at your own expense.
    • If you have any complaints about content posted, uploaded, published, distributed, stored, or created by another user, or in any way or caused to be posted on the COURSY directly or through a website or application of a third party, you agree to initiate your complaint against that user directly as we have nothing to with this matter.
Intellectual property
  • The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all materials and content provided as part of the website and Apps are the property of COURSY.
  • You may use this material or content set forth herein in the way we have explained in writing only
  • You shall not act on, help or facilitate the others to copy, re-product, disseminate, distribute, adapt, the material or the content or use it for commercial purposes or creating a work based on such material and content.
  • You agree to inform us immediately whenever you learn about distribution or commercial exploitation of any kind.
Liability for information provided on COURSY website and application:
  • Subject to the responsibilities determined by law and cannot be excluded, neither our directors, employees, agents, or contractors assume any responsibility to you for any losses, damages, liabilities, claims or costs (including without limitation, the legal, defense or settlement costs) in directly or indirectly, or as a result of or arising from your access to the COURSY website & Apps by you, or a content, site or an electronic application of a third party, or the services of the others, in any form, whether in contract or tort (including negligence), or in law or otherwise.
  • Except as required by law, we will not be responsible for the quality or accuracy of the material contained in the COURSY site & Apps. or its suitability for any specific purpose. However, we also make no promise that any of the materials or services contained in the COURSY or any of its servers will operate without interruption, delay or they are free from errors, viruses, bugs, or will be configured with any other software or material.
  • We shall neither be responsible for any fraudulent false claims nor liability of any death or personal injury caused by our negligence.
  • We shall not liable to you for any loss or damage you may or other third parties suffer as a result of using or in connection with using COURSY website and application.
  • We have no responsibility to you or anyone else for any loss resulting from any matter beyond our control. (Including the telephone, cable and Internet), illegal access, malicious codes, theft, operating errors, extreme or unusual weather conditions (including floods, earthquakes or other acts of God), fire, war, rebellion, terrorist acts, riots, labor disputes, other labor problems, accidents, emergencies, delay, overbooking, death of a ruler or the orders of the government.
  • We reserve the right to immediately terminate your right to use of the COURSY website & Apps in case of your violation of these terms and conditions or if we believe on reasonable grounds that you may breach them or in the event you conduct, according to our sole discretion, that it is an unacceptable behavior.
Legal responsibility:
  • COURSY assumes no liability for any damages resulting from using or inability to use an electronic means of communication in our website or application.
  • Your service provider is one who will be responsible for the quality of the support service in the way required by COURSY in using the application or the entire service.
  • Under no circumstances shall COURSY be liable for any error caused by the Service Provider.
  • Any remarks regarding the service provider must be provided in evaluation of its service in order to take the necessary action by us as COURSY will not tolerate any behavior or negligence or all of the above committed by the service provider.
  • COURSY does not have any clear warranties regarding the services provided.
  • The valid law & settlement of disputes, will be according to the laws and regulations applicable in country in which the service was provided.
Cancellation and Refund Policy:

This policy shall be applied to all customers, as it explains the conditions under which the customers can request for refund of payments of keeping the credit balances of the course charges.

  • The credits can be kept if the customer cancels the course at least (7) days before the start date of the course with deduction of the administrative fees, and the saved credits can be used for another course within six months.
  • If a credit note is not used within six months, the paid amount will not be refundable in cash.
  • When a credit note is used, the requester shall pay the difference expenses in case of increase.
  • The paid amounts shall be refunded in the following cases:
    1. 100% refund of the course fees or a place will be kept in the next course, if the course is cancelled or postponed by the institute for any reason.
    2. If the customer is not interest to start the course after reservation, the customer can refund the payment provided that he informs the institute at least (7) days before the start of the course, but 10% of the course value will be deducted as administrative fees
    3. The first party will not be able to issue any refunds unless customers submit their correct bank statements.
    4. The level Test fees are not refundable anymore.
  • The fees are refunded through bank transfer only (fees will never be refunded in cash or checks). No fees will be refunded unless customers provide us with the correct details of their bank accounts and attach them with the Refund Request Form.